Frequently Asked Questions

If you live anywhere in the U.S. then yes, you sure can.

Domestic orders can be placed here:

Shipping time varies depending on whether you ordered domestically ( or internationally ( Shipping time on international orders varies from 2-3 weeks depending on customs.

Shipping time on domestic orders is 2-3 mail days.

When you order domestically your order will ship from Utah.

When you order from the international site your order will ship from Indonesia.

The International site ships using EMS which turns into USPS.

The Domestic site ships using USPS Priority Mail.

For either site you will get a tracking number sent via email.

When you order from the Domestic site it normally takes between 24-48 hours to process your order and for you to get a tracking number. We do not ship on Saturday's, Sunday's or Postal Holidays.

When you order from the International site it will normally take about 48 hours for your order to ship and for you to get a tracking number.

The Domestic site ships from within the US. The increase in cost is due to a couple things. The cost of getting product to the US and the just a general increase in cost of doing business here in the US are the major factors. We do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible.

The prices listed are our wholesale prices. Since we sell mostly in sizes larger than 1 kg we do consider ourselves a wholesale seller.

However, the International site may be able to offer more of a discount on orders of 10 kilos or more. To inquire about this, please contact

The US Domestic site does not offer a wholesale discount.

The domestic site will often run discount codes on their facebook site which you can find at .

Please contact us at and we will give you an address to return it to. Returns will be accepted up to 3 months from their ship date. Returns must also be in their original packaging. If more than a few grams have been used then your return amount will be adjusted to reflect product received.

Often times payments are declined because a card number or billing address was entered incorrectly. Contact us and we will check with you that all your information was entered correctly.

We can only offer discounts on orders placed on the domestic site

A discount code can be entered after clicking "Proceed to checkout" in the box labeled "Enter Discount Code"

The domestic site is unable to split orders, this is because our orders arrive prepackaged from Indonesia and we do not have the ability to split them here.

The international site will split orders.